We offer comprehensive evaluation and treatment for the following conditions:

General Conditions

  • Blood in the urine

  • Protein in the urine

  • Infections of the kidneys or urinary tract

  • Kidney stones

  • Glomerulonephritis

  • Electrolytes/ Acid base disorders

  • Congenital or hereditary kidney diseases

  • Autoimmune conditions (including SLE) with kidney manifestations

  • Kidney problems in pregnancy

  • Kidney problems in ICU

  • Assessment and detection of early kidney abnormalities/problems


  • Diabetes with protein in the urine, kidney problems or kidney failure

  • Poorly controlled diabetes


  • Hypertension related kidney problems

  • Poorly controlled or difficult to control hypertension

Kidney Failure

  • Acute Kidney Failure

  • Chronic Kidney Disease including evaluation of the cause, slowing progression of the kidney disease and management of the complications of kidney disease

  • End Stage Kidney Failure including options for dialysis/transplantation and management of the complications of kidney failure


  • Acute dialysis in ICU

  • Chronic Haemodialysis (hospital, outpatient and home dialysis)

  • Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis


  • Assessment and management of kidney transplant recipients and donors

Preventive Medicine

  • Care of the kidneys and prevention of kidney disorders


  • Kidney biopsy (native and transplanted kidney)

  • Insertion of haemodialysis catheter















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